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Related post: E.L Tadapox Online Murphy Medical Staff Fellow EPB, NCI T. Nash Senior Investigator LPD, NIAID E. Ottesen Senior Investigator LPD, NIAID COOPERATING UNITS (It any) Univ. of California at San Francisco, Dept. Pathology (J. McKen-ow); SEMA, Inc., Rockville (G. Phillips); Merck, Sharpe, Dohme. Rahway, NJ (K. Brown). Uva/BRANCH Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases SECTION Cell Biology and Immunology INSTTTUTE ANO LOCATION NIAID, NIH. Bethesda. MD 20892 TOTAL MAN-YEARS; 1.3 PROFESSIONAL: I OTHER: 0.8 I 0.5 CHECK APPROPRIATE 80X(ES) S. (a) Human subjects D (b) Human tissues D (c) Neither D (al) Minors D (a2) Interviews SUMMARY OF WORK (Ua» jfntiun unrMueaa typa. Oo mx (jnMtf trm tpaem pmnOuO.) This project involves clinical and immunologic studies of humans infected witl> the intestinal nematode, Stronqyloides stercoralis , and parallel studies in an experimental host, the patas monkey. Research on this parasite is justified because human infections occur in substantial numbers even in the U.S., it often goes undiagnosed and can produce fatal outcome in immunosuppressed people, and it is a parasite with unusual biologic properties. A good portion of the somatic and E/S antigens obtained from infected patas monkeys in the past year is being stockpiled for a new batch of skin test antigen. Antigenic analysis of infective larvae (L3) has focused heavily upon identification and characterization of a protease present in both somatic and E/S antigens. It is a metallo-protease, with functional activity demonstrable at about 30, 60, and 90 kO, suggesting a trimeric form. The protease is also allergenic - i.e., it causes histamine release from IgE sensitized basophils in-vitro. Monoclonal antibodies raised to somatic larval antigen have been relatively weak in identifying antigens, and IgE Western blots are faint so that these reagents and approaches have not been as useful as expected. The possibility that HTLV-1 infection may selectively impair immune responses important for control of strongyloidiasis in some patients is being investigated. PHS 9040 (Rn* V84) SPO*i«.«i* 14-31 OCPARTMCNT or HtALTW ANO HUMAN SERVICES OUBLiC HEALTH SERVICE NOTICE OP INTRAMURAL RESEARCH PROJECT Z01 Al CC277-05 L?D Cctober 1. 1987 ;o Seoterr.Der 30. 1988 Mecrianism of Senjm Resistance in Bactena PI: K. Joiner Senior Investigator LPD. NIAID Others: J.E. Schweinle IPA LPD. NIAID zocnM-rtta -,nits * ••d Andrea Tenner, Amencan Red Cross Latocratory of Parasitic Diseases . SiC-CN Unit of Microbial Pathogenesis («3TnVr| AMO LOCATION 1 NIAID, NIH, Bethesda. MD 20892 1 IZTAL «AAN.»eAMS. <»«0«5S«NA4_ 0.2 i 0.2 OTW€H: 0.0 C (a) Human suO|«cts £ (b) Human tissues iZ (al) Minors _ (a2) Interviews C (c) Ne«ttier Studies were completed on tMe opsonic and bactericidal activity of a monocional antibody directed agajnst the outer membrane proteolipid. H.8. of Neisseria oonontioeae . In addition to its anti-gonococcal and opsonic activity described in earlier reports, it was found to ovemde the regulatory function of the serum glycoprotein CI inhibitor and to allow activation of Cl with sequentiaJ activation of the classicaJ complement pathway. Despite earty suggestions that Neissena gonorrhoeae directly Buy Tadapox activated the classical complement pathway, meticulous stijdies prohibiting spontaneous activation of CI by autocatalytic mechanisms proved otherwise. Qualitative measurement of state of activation of Cis proved tiiat Neisseria oonontioeae does not directly activate the dassicaJ complement pathway in the absence of antibody whether or not CI inhibitor is present When antibodies are included in the assay, activation always occurs. U-32 DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES - PUBUC HEALTH SERVICE NOTICE OF INTRAMURAL RESEARCH PROJECT saCjec NiuMSEs Z01 A! 00347-06 LPD PEBIOO COVEBED October 1 , 1 987 to September 30, 1 988 TITLE OF PROJECT (30 ctwtcmn or maa. fitla must M on onm iin* oeiwaan rn» oomrs.) Studies on Schistosomal Hepatic Fibrosis PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (Ust ointf pnttaaiontt p»nenml otiew ma Pnnapal Invaangator j iNama. ma. laooraiory. ano inaonita tfhiiaaoni PI: A. W. Cheever Assistant Chief LPD, NIAID Others: S. Deb R. H. Duvall J. Malley A. Sher R. Minker P. Scott Bio. Lab. TecH. Bio. Lab. Tech. (Micro.) Mathematical Statistician Head, Immunology Section Senior Staff Fellow LPD, NIAID
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